February 15, 2017


Nathan, age 12
Springfield, Missouri (1994)

I remember when I was younger being bullied and teased. I felt differently than other boys at around the age of 6 or so. And I started to get bullied when I was finishing up my elementary years in the 5th grade.

I came out to a group of my closest friends at age 9.

And during middle school, I would get pushed into lockers and walls.

I did not always have a support system. But when I finally formed one with my friends and teachers, I was much happier and I saw less harassment and bullying.

My advice to all the young and new generation of LGBT youth is:
Keep your head up. Other people have the same, if not worse, things going on.

What makes me most proud now is being openly gay and being accepted by my neighbors and friends.

Today, I'm still am single at the age of 23.
But for now, I will concentrate on work and furthering my education.

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