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In the email subject, please put: Born This Way Blog submission

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* Your First Name (you can use an alias if you want)
* Your Age in the photo
* The Year the photo was shot (it can be approximate)
* The City/State (and country if needed) where you grew up

Follow this example:

John, age 7
Dallas, Texas (1972)


Hearing your own words about your experiences or feelings as an LGBTQ kid
is what really resonates. But approach what you write like a Twitter posting:
Short, succinct, informative, funny, interesting, and HONEST. But only the relevant, important details. All submissions are edited on some level. Conversely, if you only send a few sentences soley describing your photo, I will email you asking for more details. Your photo is only the starting point.

Here's some guidelines for things to include in your story:
* A short description of your photo (who, what, where, when etc.)
* Any adjectives that come to mind describing yourself as a kid
* What age you first knew you were LGBTQ, or felt "different"
* What age you had your first awareness of a same-gender attraction or crush
* Who was your first, famous-person same gender crush or crushes
* What pop culture things excited you as a kid (toys, films, TV shows, music etc.)
* What memento or toy or clothing or hobby did you obsess over
* Your experiences (good or bad) with parents, family, school, friends etc.
* If you were ever bullied, teased, or physically harmed for being gay
* If your family's ethnicity or where you grew up made it harder to be LGBTQ
* Describe if any religion was a part of your upbringing (good or bad)
* Explain your process or reactions of actually coming out (good or bad)
* Any feelings you have about your picture now, as an adult
* Brief info on your life experience now (your career, partner, kids etc.)
* What gives you the most pride now as an LGBTQ adult
* Any message you'd like to give to LGBTQ kids reading your story

Choose one photo that you feel reveals something about you and/or your childhood. The cutoff age in your photo should be around age 12. And please briefly ID any other people in your pic. If other people in your pic need their identity obscured, PLEASE let me know that. Also, please try to send the best possible resolution/scan of your photo.

And please let me say this: There is a misconception, that you have
to find a pic that "screams gay" to be considered. This.Is.Not.True!
Any self photo you choose to send, in good resolution, is perfect. 

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