January 18, 2012


Aimee, age 8
Portland, Oregon (1981)

Hello! My name is Aimee and I was born this way in Oregon.

The closest professional football team was the Seattle Seahawks, and although my brother was given a San Francisco Giants uniform, I was the only one to wear mine daily.

I was active in sports and I thank the drafters of Title 9, as that allowed for girls to express non-traditional feminine attributes. And that was a big deal in 1972!

Although some freedoms of expression were encouraged during my childhood, I grew up in a homophobic environment.

I did not feel comfortable coming out until I left home at age 17. Since then,
I have been very active supporting LGBTQ youth and now work as a professor teaching human sexuality to undergraduates.

My message for LGBTQ youth who feel alone is: please know there is a loving community of LGBTQ adults who have experienced some or most of what you may be feeling today - and it does get better.

You are not alone, so reach out and you will find an open hand.

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January 09, 2012

:: Happy 1st Birthday! ::

Hey everyone!
Today (January 9th 2012) marks the 1st birthday of this blog!
I shared some of my thoughts about everything on Facebook here.

And in honor of this amazing milestone, I'd like to feature the first
10 people who submitted their story and photo to the blog a year ago
- just in case you didn't get to scroll back that far! They were truly those who got the whole project rolling, so let's celebrate them!

Here they are below. Click on their names and enjoy!

xo - Your blogmaster, Paul V.


Kevin, age 4
Cozad, Nebraska (1964)
Woodland Hills, California (1981)

Jackie Beat, age 8
Scottsdale, Arizona (1971)

Ghy, age 3
East LA, California (1974)

Kurt, age 12
Chicago, Illinois (1968)
Denver, Colorado (1980)
Los Angeles, California (1983)

Jason, age 4
San Diego, California (1985)
Wisconsin (1977)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1986)

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