January 18, 2012


Aimee, age 8
Portland, Oregon (1981)

Hello! My name is Aimee and I was born this way in Oregon.

The closest professional football team was the Seattle Seahawks, and although my brother was given a San Francisco Giants uniform, I was the only one to wear mine daily.

I was active in sports and I thank the drafters of Title 9, as that allowed for girls to express non-traditional feminine attributes. And that was a big deal in 1972!

Although some freedoms of expression were encouraged during my childhood, I grew up in a homophobic environment.

I did not feel comfortable coming out until I left home at age 17. Since then,
I have been very active supporting LGBTQ youth and now work as a professor teaching human sexuality to undergraduates.

My message for LGBTQ youth who feel alone is: please know there is a loving community of LGBTQ adults who have experienced some or most of what you may be feeling today - and it does get better.

You are not alone, so reach out and you will find an open hand.

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Marisol Diaz said...


I don't think one is "born" this way but i respect it. I think that there must be a "genetic" thing. I got three cousins (by my dad) with the issue and all my life i've been fascinated and still researching. I love them dearly and hope that people understand violence or bashing is not the way to deal with gay or lesbian people. Informative and cute blog. Thanks

Anthony "Pants" said...

@Marisol: If you think it's "genetic", then by definition you think it is something we are "born" with.

JCF said...

My teams are the SF Giants (baseball) and SF 49ers (in NFC Championship on Sunday: GO NINERS!)

When I was little, I had fantasies of playing for the 49ers, and wore the uniform, too. [The cognitive dissonance between my assigned gender (F), and playing in the NFL, I just ignored. :-X]

Unknown said...

I am sure they like/love you back!

Amelia Shi said...

Thank's for this post!!! Ammme - juegos de mario

Unknown said...

Just wanted to drop by and offer my kudos on this blog. I came across it purely by accident, and it is thoughtful, cute, and endearing.

Great work,
Conor J. Murphy, conorjmurphy.com