May 24, 2012


Zulema, age 7
Phoenix, Arizona (1992)

I've always felt different.
Heck, even my name is different.

My girl crush was always on Angelina Jolie. My first lesbian "experience" was at the age of 19, when I fell in love for the first time with my best friend. That didn't work out and I'm still coping.

Strangely, my siblings are like me:
My two younger brothers and an older sister are gay as well.

We never quite spoke of our sexuality until Facebook came around, and we've became more open about it.

This picture brings me joy because I'm now an artist.
It's true when they say we all have a destiny.

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Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

I immediately clicked this because your name is not one often heard, but there was a very special famous zulema in the 1970s and early 80s. She had a ton of albums and she was a SOUL SINGER. you should really check her out if you have not heard of her.

Also, I have never met siblings that were both gay. I've read it online like now, but i think its amazing. I hope you all keep each other safe and with a strong support system.

Zulema said...

I have heard and listened to Zulemas soul music.

I didn't know of siblings sharing that similarity until my own and other friends started coming out, truly a weird dynamic.. by weird I mean incredibly fascinating.. thank you

Unknown said...

Would LOVE to meet this family!

Unknown said...

soo you didnt actually know your siblings were gay until facebook??
thats weird....
i find this post very interesting, im still in the closet (lol) and yet i suspect my little brother may have gay inclinations too...
its weird and i dont know what to do...
i dont know what would happen in i come out... if he'll be sacared to do it or i dont know....
but congratulations!! i think its amazing!!