June 12, 2012


Scott, age 7
Dayton, Ohio (1976)

I was doing financial paperwork the other day, and it reminded me how in the 2nd grade, I was taught to draw what was allegedly a "proper" number "2".

The same teacher would also read our "writing" homework out loud for the entire class.

If she disliked your sentences, she would sing her opinion in this imperious, operatic voice:


Well, being the creative creature I am, I decided to write my number 2's with a "wavy swoosh" at the bottom.

She berated me for it in front of the class, and it went like this:

Teacher: "Is this how I told you to write your 2's?"
Me: "No."
Teacher: "Then why didn't you write them the way I told you to?"
Me: "Because your way is [singing at the top of my lungs] "BBBBBOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!"

I went to the Principal's office for that one, who couldn't stop laughing about it.
And today, I still write my number 2's with the swoosh.

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Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

RayMan said...

...... and from that day forward, the "Terrible Two's" became the "FABULOUS Two's". Cool story:-)....Life was good, back then.

Just Two Chicks said...

Good for you!!! When I taught 1st grade I had to send a little girl to the office for "choking" a little boy. Apparently he didn't follow my instructions, and then argued with her when she was trying to make him listen. The principle got a good laugh out of the reasoning behind her actions, though we still had to call her parents...