December 13, 2012


Mark, age 3
St. Paul, Minnesota (1965)

In this picture I had just asked this Santa for "Chatty Cathy's Brother". He was a doll that taught you how to dress and tie your shoes.

Talk about the perfect doll for a little gay boy!

My father was dying and pleaded with my mom not to buy me that doll.

Luckily for me, my uncle had overheard my request and he wrapped it and hid it under the tree for me.

I was so excited on Christmas when I unwrapped the "Brudder" doll - I couldn't pronounce brother - and it was the best Christmas ever!

"Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay" book
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ABTC said...

nice posting

Janiepug said...

This story brought a smile to my face...I was a little lesbian living in Minneapolis and under my Christmas tree was a Chatty Cathy...I tore the present open...threw it aside and kept digging for that tool kit I had asked for...and thankfully found!