December 29, 2013


Russ, age 17
Springfield, Virginia (1982)

While I look like a happy go lucky teenager, that was just not the case at this time. I was in such turmoil about my sexuality, I often contemplated hurting myself.

I was raised in a very religious home. The bumper sticker on my car behind me says, "His Banner Over Us is Love" - and I was horribly conflicted as a teenager.

Thankfully, I soldiered through it all, and I am now a successful CFO of a
multi-million dollar company. And my partner and I will soon celebrate our
16 year anniversary, and life is so, so very good now.

If I only could have know all that was awaiting me back then! :-)

Click here - "Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay" book
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Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a heck of a car! You're about 6 years younger than me, and I drove a fricking 66 Ford Fairlane at the time. No bumper stickers. I was conflicted because others in my church youth choir were known as "gay" and I knew I was, but was scared to death of actually being out. It's not like anyone didn't accept them, they were 100% accepted and a part of our very close knit group.

I am so happy for you having a long term partner. I wish I'd come out sooner and had the same. Love those abs, by the way! Great story.

Peace <3

Mark in DE said...

Russ - does your last name begin with the letter C? If so, I think you know my husband who is the same age and also grew up in Springfield!

david wesley said...

You were and I'm sure ARE quite the hottie!

Romance Boy 93 said...

Have you ever made an "it gets better" video? I'm sure that with your story you'd make a very good one!