August 01, 2016


Hartson, age 10
Paducah, Kentucky (1976)

I think this photo of me just about sums it ALL up!!! ;)

I always liked being an entertainer, and in 1976 I also learned to play the flute. 

Later during Middle & High school years while in the marching band and playing in parades, my "friends" would yell out, "Play that skin flute!" 

Something tells me they knew I did. And very well!

Growing up in a mid-sized city had its drawbacks, but I think it made me into a great person. 

Now at age 49, I look back and remember all the fun stuff, not the crappy stuff. 

So that's my advice to LGBTQ kids reading my story today: 

Just enjoy life!!!


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yarapa said...

Sometimes our young gay souls just shine with brilliance. What a great, happy kid face you have there. It's a gift we have being gay, knowing somehow its our job to brighten the world around us. Good for you for making people smile then and thanks for the smile you have given me now.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful picture. Thank you. Your story moved me to tears. I cone from a small city and your words took me back to my childhood. What a wonderful life. Thank you!