March 24, 2017


John, age 7
Pierre Part, Louisiana (1996)

I grew up in a small bayou town.
My mom was a single mother who loved dressing up and going out.

I almost always copied her style in the male form and I loved having grown up with confidence taught.

But that didn't last long.

In the world, and even inside our own gay community, people are picked apart.

And now I find myself grasping to find some self-confidence.

I think the most important message I want to send out is to always keep that confidence.

And I don't mean fake confidence.

Someone will love every part of you, so what I'm trying to say is:

Own all that you are!

I hate the whole masculine/feminine label, because I am personally the "/" symbol in that equation.

Remember that no matter who you are, you are a snowflake and you are unique and deserve to be a part of this world. You deserve to breathe and conquer!

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yarapa said...

One of the finest gifts we as humans can experience is the sweet silly innocent gift of a kids smile. Thank you for sharing that gift and I hope nothing ever robs you of your smile. Now more than ever we need the gifts that our kids have to offer. Lets offer kindness every chance we get.

Unknown said...

I love this story! Thanks for sharing. In particular the last line.

Antony x