May 07, 2018


Doug, age 11
Las Cruces, New Mexico (1981)

I'm on the far left here, and the only one 'posing' in this picture of my siblings, cousins, and my grandfather. Like so many others, I too destroyed most photographic evidence of my gayness as a child, as it made me physically sick.

As an adult, I tried to be straight. So I got married to a woman.

We had two wonderful children together, but my secret was destroying not only my life, but my most important family members as well.

After finally coming out at age 36, my wife and I moved through our divorce as painlessly as we could and we remain great friends.

My kids are successful because of the love my ex-wife and I still share.
And today, we have each remarried -- both of us to amazing men!

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Unknown said...

Im a hetero Im not english native so grammar mistakes may surely appear

First of all I thought that i was homophobic, but then I realised that i didnt really felt directly a phobia towards the lgbt folks.
I felt afraid just when some lgbt men started flirting with me.

But now i take it as a compliment for my damm slightly narcissistic ego jejejej

Peace guys and enjoy life asapppppp !!!!!

Unknown said...

Cool that you made this blog Paul keep goin bro !!!!

Its sad that there arent new stories

Hope this blog keeps being kept alive