May 11, 2011


Jonas, age 8
Pernambuco, Brazil (1994)

I suffered a lot of bullying at school by walking around with the girls and not liking soccer/football.

I was the "different" kid in my class. I was "the fat, the freak, and the gay."

I remember at age 6 watching Britney Spears dancing on TV, and I knew the choreography for "...Baby One More Time."

I was so innocent back then. Now, I've gained the respect of my straight friends.
But, I am still struggling to gain acceptance from my parents.

However, I am very happy now.
And I wouldn't change anything about myself, because I was born this way.

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Hannah Maffei said...

Hey, Jonas!

I really like your story and know your e-mail. We are almost the same age, i was born in 1995. I know how gay people suffer. My best friend are gay, and he suffers a lot with bullying in the school because the same reasons.