May 05, 2011


David, age 8
Corpus Christi, TX (1988)

When I came out to my mom in high school, she told me she already knew.

Judging by the picture I've posted,
well - of course she knew!

Throughout my childhood, my mom nurtured my creativity. And she never tried to instill in me the "normal" behavior for boys.

From dancing around wearing her bangles, or singing along to Bette Midler's "Perfect Isn't Easy" from "Oliver & Company," my mom just let me be ME.

Sure, my mom worried about how the world would treat me, but she never felt that it gave her cause to change my behavior.

She knew that with a strong foundation of love and acceptance at home, I could take on the hate I might encounter elsewhere.


Unknown said...

David had just turned five when this photo was taken, but he was born gay, so the time frame just isn't important. I'm so proud of him and want to thank you for letting him add a very small part of his story to your blog. David's mom.

lulu said...

Happy Mother's Day to David and 'Mom'...xox

thwany said...

this picture is priceless. great story.

thewacher said...

what a cutie. mom's are great. it is so heart warming to read about your mom letting you be who you are and not to try to change you into somthing you are not. you have a wonderful mom.
take good care of yourself
thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.