June 11, 2011


Daniel, age 5
Quincy, IL (1959)

When I was small, my family fished every weekend on the Mississippi river.
We'd use bamboo poles and earthworms and fish off my dad's home made boat.
We would fry the fish we caught for Saturday night supper.

I don't remember much from back then.
I know the facts, but they don't seem like they happened to me. I do remember not feeling different, I just always liked boys.

But I didn't like a lot of things boys did - sports, rough and tumble, competition. Fishing, yes. But I was also a bookworm, and liked growing flowers. I loved "Davey Crockett" on TV, and I had a coon-skin cap.

My parents loved me, but they didn't want me to be gay. I was bullied a lot, and I had a secret route that I walked home from school, to avoid the bullies. Growing up, the only thing I wanted to do was to leave town.

And I did.

My message to LGBTQ kids now is:
If people mistreat you, it means there's something wrong with them, not you.
It really does get better and better.

Daniel's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Greg Morris (on "Mission Impossible")
I think I became a tech geek partly because of him.
Signed Morris, Greg 8x10 B&W (P) PhotoMission: Impossible - The Third TV SeasonDavy Crockett -Two Movie SetA Field Guide to Gay and Lesbian Chicago
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A Daft Scots Lass said...

Brilliant story.

Joe said...

I spent a good part of my childhood in Quincy in the 60s. It's where we lived when I first began to have some understandings that I was different. It was such a lonely feeling, thinking that I was the only one like me around. Of course it wasn't true in the larger sense, but as a child it's all encompassing.

Starman said...

You can help by talking to GLBTQ kids!!!!!