June 06, 2011


Robert, age 3
Torrance, CA (1974)

Here I am with my proud dad and mom.

By this age, I had to wear those glasses and an eye patch, to correct an eye problem I was born with.

If you look closely, I'm wearing a butch Rams football jacket.

But to make up for that,
I am also holding my own purse, and a pink flower in the other hand.

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CØ⋀L ØP⋀L said...

oh i love this!!! HOW COOL THAT YOU HAD UR OWN PURSE!! i love the way your father is standing. they look like great parents.

Sherri said...

Hi Robby - I've never seen this photo of you before, but I truly love it. You look so cute!!! I am proud to have you as my best friend and brother from another mother.