June 09, 2011


David, age 9
Longview, TX (1978)

"Grease" was the word back then, and I was no exception. Seeing John Travolta on the big screen gave me a funny feeling in my nether regions. And I knew then that something was different from the other boys who had the same reaction, except over Olivia Newton-John.

I believe I wore this T-shirt out.
It basically fell apart, and still I fought my mom to keep it.

The music of the day was, yes, disco, and I loved it: "Knock On Wood,"
"Le Freak," "Heart of Glass" etc.

I even had my very own polyester Hustle suit, performing "Do The Hustle" to anyone who'd watch.

It's no wonder I was picked on, since
I would wear my suit to school and dance The Hustle there as well.

Growing up in a small town isn't unique. Yet I felt the brunt of being different more, because I'd been molested during this time. In this photo, I see the David who trusted everyone. And a boy with deep sadness behind those smiling eyes.

My experiences as a young gay boy in a small - and small-minded - town were typical: extreme bullying from both boys and girls. Now that I can look back,
I still see the looks on the faces of those who were fearful of what I represented.

But now, I also see the fear in their eyes. They're the product of parents who were ignorant, and it trickled down to their children.

Life has been kind to me through the years, so I can, with ease, forgive those trespasses against me. And I am more able to love and receive love, because of the tough experiences that I thought would never to end.

But they most certainly do end, and life gets so much more rich as one matures.
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thepastrychef said...

I know that guy and he's is pretty great. Congrats to you David. I am glad you took the time to share your story. : )

WhozHe said...

Thank you for this blog/

Starman said...

John Re-volta ? Really?

Anonymous said...

Dave my friend, I loved your blog and thankyou for sharing a story I SO relate too.Lets hope our upcoming birthdays bring more love n cheer. Tonestar x

Lydia said...

Hi! I'm not gay, but I believe in equal rights for all people! And it's perfectly natural and okay to be gay. Gay, straight, or bi (I might be bi) you are human and deserve the right to marry. I'm always so sad when I hear about people being hateful.

Greg P said...

Thanks for sharing David.

perform421 said...

David, this is such a great post. I was born this way as well but did what family, church and society wanted me to do, get married and have family. It wasn't till about 10 years ago that I finally came out to myself. Now, still married to a great woman but she deserves a straight husband. I am a bisexual man, according to our therapist. Just trying to "play the hand I was dealt"