April 12, 2011


AJ, age 3
Honolulu, HI (1984)

The only vacation my family ever really went on, was this vacation to Hawaii when I was 3-years old.

This photo was taken by a family member, and supposedly my father was VERY angry that I had put the flowers behind my ears like this.

In recent years, my father has told me he knew I was gay when I was 2-years old. So at this point, he must have been upset that his suspicions might actually be true.

I, though, have always loved this photo. Just look at that mug!

My only wish is that I had given more FACE, instead of just going for the model pout. But c'est la vie.

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Anonymous said...

awwwww so so cute... Pulled it off nicely. My parents have this story they tell me about me being around 3 or so when they took me toy shopping and me wanting a doll instead of a truck and crying histerically when I didn't get it!
Aparently my dad was deeply embarrased hahahaha I couldn't imagine....