April 25, 2011


Steve, age 11
Victoria, BC, Canada (1974)

This picture shows me with my mother, in all our mid-70's sartorial splendor. From a very early age, there was always something "different" about me.

When playing games with other kids, I was usually given some type of female role.

If we played "Mission: Impossible," I was cast as Cinnamon Carter.

It was never forced upon me, or something pejorative, but rather a natural fit.

Years later, I got to meet Barbara Bain, the actress who portrayed Cinnamon, and I told her "You know, I used to play you" - and she roared with laughter.
BARBARA BAIN 8X10 PHOTO The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier Gay Marriage: The Story of a Canadian Social Revolution The Sartorialist

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lulu said...

hi steve...greetings from lulu...i grew up in victoria as well...i'm 2 posts down from you here on "Born This Way"...hope your life is full of happiness and adventure these days...cheers, lulu