April 09, 2011

* ANDY BELL on "Born This Way Radio!" *

Hey everyone!
Be sure to stream & listen every Sunday night!


Sunday, April 10th
:: With Our Special Guests ::
ANDY BELL of Erasure & Justin Bond!

8pm till 10pm (PDT // LA, CA time)
Streaming live & worldwide! Click: JustinTV/Moheak

"Born This Way Radio" is a 2-hour program dedicated to LGBTQ listeners,
featuring open and honest discussions and chit-chat about our experiences,
LGBTQ related music, comedy, current events, and advice

Inspired by this blog, the show will encourage listener participation from
LGBTQ kids - and adults or parents - who might be struggling with issues of
coming out, bullying, or harassment. Or just a fun place to chat!

We'll be taking your phone calls live at (323) 664-3251,
and chatting via your postings on Twitter and on Facebook.

All in an environment where callers can feel safe, understood, and accepted.
And yes, entertained too! We also invite all our straight allies to listen as well!


Podcast streams of past shows are here:


Starman said...

"LGBTQ listeners, LGBTQ related music, LGBTQ kids"
I know you meant Glbtq!

Paul V. (Creator) said...

No, we mean LGBTQ. This seems to be the standard and accepted way to convey what covers our community now. If you prefer GLBTQ, that's fine. But there's no need to keep commenting on this.