January 24, 2011


Bek, age 4
Keith, SA, Australia (1987)

When Mum took us with her to the shops, the local butcher would always give us a slice of Fritz (South Australians will know what this is!). This time we were given a long sausage that hadn't been separated into standard size ones. My parents decided it would be funny to take a photo of each of us with the giant sausage, one of those things we tend to roll our eyes at now!

"Not impressed by the sausage"

But I was a happy kid and had a great upbringing. I have great memories of holidays we'd take every year. I was never very feminine, and didn't like wearing dresses. I was more of a tomboy and loved playing with Legos.

I started to notice my feelings for women near the end of high school. During university, I began getting crushes on women, watched a lot of Queer As Folk on TV, and in my 3rd year I discovered a community gay and lesbian radio station.

I began 'coming out' at age 21, after a friend of mine (who was also one of my flatmates then) figured it out. She jokingly said it was because I liked Kylie Minogue! Hardly a lesbian stereotype, but I was pretty amused by that.

Telling someone for the first time can be scary, but there's always a sense of relief when it's out in the open.

When you come out, you finally feel like you can be yourself. I value my individuality, and while difference is often feared by many, I think it is celebrated by the gay community.

And to the young kids out there questioning their sexuality, just be yourself and love who you are. If you have good people in your life they will love and accept you for you. It's great to be different, so embrace diversity!

Bek's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Gillian Minervini
("Beauty & The Beast" panelist and out & proud lesbian)
Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity in "The Matrix")
Carrie Ann Moss Original 8x10 Red Carpet Photo #L6737 The Matrix The Rough Guide to Gay & Lesbian Australia (Rough Guide Travel Guides) Queer as Folk - Series 1 (British TV Series)


Anonymous said...

congratulations from spain


Muy intersante el blog.

Es genial el plamnteamiento del mismo desde la propia infancia.

Un saludo

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations for been yourself

Spanish woman said...

nice story and funny picture! hahaha

I've also got crushed on Trinity... she's so sexy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bek. Great story and thanks for the compliment. Thought I should let you know i spent 6 years of my childhood in Keith SA. My parents had the pub there! Small world hey! Again thanks for the great Keith story. Best wishes. Gillian Minervini

Ben said...

That picture IS perfection! Bahahaha!

You are presh. Keep shining!