January 23, 2011


Michael, age 4
Pittsburgh, PA (1961)

Here I am at Christmastime. Pictured with me is my first of many phonograph players and the beginning of a lifelong love of music, and the desire to play records to an audience. In this case, the family gathering for Christmas day. I'd like to say that I am well dressed because I had the fashion gene at that age - but that was actually my mom's doing. 

Although my family didn't always understand why I was not like most kids, they never stopped me from my interests and pursuits. That included buying lots of records, always wanting a better record player, and then a tape recorder/player. I never have DJ'd professionally, but when I was in my 40's, I started to do weddings, private parties, and a 5-year stint as the in-house DJ at a gay male resort in West Virginia.

I've been very lucky.

I have a family that has always been supportive of my differences in general, and as well as my sexual preference. 

Michael's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Burt Reynolds (in his Playgirl centerfold)

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