January 25, 2011


Craig, age 8
Simsbury, Connecticut (1970)

Here I am wearing my mom's Polly Bergen wig, pretending to be a hippie at a pot party. My mom was an actress, and I was in-utero for her performance of Buttercup in HMS Pinafore. She was supposed to be "Sweet Little Buttercup" - but because she was so pregnant with me, they padded her sides to make her look like Fat Little Buttercup. Or perhaps Knocked Up Little Buttercup?

The following year, I was breast fed by Mad Margaret. Could we see the handwriting on the wall? I loved theater and used to cue my mom for her roles, like my personal favorite, Aldonza in Man of La Mancha.

"You're a woar..."
"No honey, it's pronounced whore. HOAR... now never say it..."

Back then, I loved the movie Tommy, and was crushing out on Roger Daltrey. But I also crushed on Ann-Marget, hard. I guess I was conflicted? Or Gemini.

Or both!

Advice for young gay kids now is:

Just be the beautiful person you are, however that shakes out. Do not let ANYONE define you other than you. Our greatest gift is our humanity; the bravest choice is to be beautifully imperfect and human - which makes perfect sense in a paradoxical world.

Namaste, I honour the God/Goddess/Light/Intelligence in You. As is.

Craig's first, famous-person same sex crush: Rogert Daltrey
Plus Lindsey Buckingham, and Brad Davis in "Midnight Express"


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Anonymous said...

Buddy Hackett? Seriously? I have never heard anyone say they had a crush on Buddy Hackett. None-the-less, enjoyed your post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig, I'm from Simsbury too, although I lived there when I was in high school. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom... Not Buddy Hackett. Roger Daltrey, Lindsey Buckingham, and Brad Davis in Midnight Express...
Now, Bea Arthur in a vat of herring tapioca... ABSOLUTELY!
When did you live in Simsbury?

Anonymous said...

High school was (gasp!) 1974-1978. My parents are still there, although I wish they'd move somewhere else.