January 20, 2011


Tricia, age 10
Winnetka, Illinois (1974)

This is a pic of me with my 3 younger brothers, two of whom are also gay like me. My 7-year old fraternal twin brothers are to my right, and my 8-year old brother David, is to my left.

I'm gay, David is gay, and one of the twins, Graham (next to me on my right) is gay! So hey, 3 out of 4 ain't bad! We fondly call our brother Andrew (far left, arms folded) the black sheep, since he's the only straight sibling.

Back then, I was always a tomboy. I wanted to be Tarzan, or a cowboy, or Superman when I grew up. I always wore short hair and boy's clothes. I would be so proud when a stranger commented on my mom's four boys.

I had a huge crush on my 3rd grade teacher, which is when I knew I was different. I had fantasies of saving her from a burning house. My mother was always trying to feminize me, but I would play hooky if she forced me to wear a dress to school.

I fell in love with my roommate at an all-girls boarding school when I was 16.
I didn't come out until after college, though. Today I have a loving partner of 20 years, and two beautiful children, both of whom are definitely straight.

And now, my daughter tries to feminize me!

Tricia's first, famous-person same sex crushes:
Julie Andrews (in "Sound Of Music")
Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha on "Bewitched")

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Toyin O. said...

very nice picture and post, thanks for sharing.

JFE said...

I also had a crush on Julie Andrews growing up and I'm a gay man...is that wrong?

Toon said...

Love the detail about saving your teacher from a burning building!

Anonymous said...

A very nice story, and in a lot of details, so similar to mine!