January 20, 2011


Andrew, age 5
Apple Valley, MN (1982)

Be honest with yourself - even as an adult. How else would you be able to pass through your Grandma's hallway WITHOUT putting that hat on? Furthermore, how can you NOT take it out for a spin in the garden?

"Just doin' a little gardening...."
I don't remember this particular day of my life, but I remember at this age (except for all but the hat), this is how I dressed all the time. Accessories included the ever popular wristbands and knee-high tube socks with the rainbow of stripes. And, my trusty companion: A leather coin-purse with a neon green shoelace acting as my purse strap.

I honestly never felt 'different' growing up. I had wonderful parents who just let me do what I wanted, and didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do (including homework).

My older brothers teased me relentlessly, but only because they were my older brothers, and that's what they do. To that end, I realized very late in life, when I was 18, that I was gay.

It was no big deal, no big freak out; just 'this makes sense, this is who I am'


Toon said...

Just wanted to pop in one more time and say thanks again for this wonderful blog!

Mark in DE said...

OMG - what a hilarious photo! :-)

colby said...

I'm from Apple Valley too! What a small world.