January 21, 2011


Jeffrey, age 4
New Bedford,  Massachusetts (1963)

We were in a military family that moved quite often, and what I mainly remember about this picture is, my father being uncomfortable, and hurrying up the  process.

I first knew I was gay by around 6th grade. I remember crushing on Flipper's dad and Adam West as Batman.

And I loved TV dance shows like American Bandstand, Soul Train, and Lawrence Welk - ooh, Cissy and Bobby!

I love this picture now and use it for my Facebook profile at times.

Jeffrey's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Brian Kelly (the dad on "Flipper")

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Flipper: Deep Waters & A Whale Ahoy! [VHS] BATMAN ADAM WEST 8X10 PHOTO The Best Of Soul Train (3 DVD) Classic Episodes of the Lawrence Welk Show: Volumes 1-4


Anonymous said...

Love this one and have been hunting for it on the blog since 1st seeing it in the top bar of the blog page. What a happy boy, great expression!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this picture - you just look so damn happy. Why can't we all feel this happy all of the time?