January 25, 2011


Scott, age 5
Oldsmar, Florida (1964)

I grew up in Oldsmar, Florida where this pic was taken. As you can see, I was always a "show-off" and liked attention.

Unfortunately, I got teased and hassled through high school. Certainly not the type of attention I wanted, but I persisted and I survived.

I first started realizing I was different around 3rd grade, but did not formally "come-out" until my early 20’s.

Now, as I look at the picture, I understand why my mother told me she already knew, when I finally told her. I also realized that I had some fun growing up, despite the teasing.

I'm 51 now, and relatively successful, and my life is good.

So, my advice to those being teased, hazed, and hassled:
Hang in there, because all that negativity will end soon enough.

You will grow up, look back at the fun times with a smile, and look at the hard times with a feeling of pride and accomplishment - for those were the tests of your resolve to succeed.


Enri said...

Great story, Scott! I'd say thanks for sharing but I'd rather say thanks for being this way :)

bekir said...

very good ..

TPerrino said...

I too was born and raised in Oldsmar. . 20 years later. It was a good place to grow up. .
I can't tell if it has gotten more conservative or if my naivety has worn off. .
Thank you for sharing.