January 21, 2011


Rod, age 10
Great Bend, KS (1978)

I was a sensitive boy with a flair for fashion. In grade school, my friend Kelly Morrison told me I shouldn't be wearing my mother's jewelry to school. As a baby, I wanted a Raggedy Anne doll to play with in the pool, but had to settle for Mickey Mouse.

"Go TEAM!!!"
My mom wanted to name me Robin, but my father thought it was too "girlish."

Looking at this pic, I have a few thoughts: God bless Jimmy Connors' tennis clothing. They made the cutest short-shorts and matching shirts - which made my thighs look so thin. And thank you Izod, for the beautifully matched socks.

As you can see, I loved being really matched up (note the socks in the sandals). And I loved that my shorts resembled a cheerleader skirt.
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twirk said...

well your cool! express yourself dont repress yourself!

Anonymous said...

You mean Jimmy Connors, the shortest shorts ever!

Anonymous said...

...um, what elementry school did you go to? I went to Eisenhower from 73-79.

Anonymous said...

I went to Jefferson 1980 - 1981 and then to Harrison and GBHS, class of 1987.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember or know any of these guys? I had such a crush on them in elementry school. They were all cute when we were 12!

David Jennings (87)
Darren Stanely (85)
Tom Jones (85)
Mark Johnson (85)
and Rob Beutenbaugh (?) I think he was killed in a car wreck in 85. He was really cute at 12.