January 20, 2011


Adam, age 4
San Jose, CA (1995)

This is me at age 4 - looking FABULOUS! I always remember wanting to look glamorous! I was always dressing up in my mom's tops, and wearing them as dresses. Or putting on her bright red lipstick, and rocking her hot pink heels.

"What do you mean 'came out' - he was never 'in'!"
- My Mom's caption for this picture on her Facebook

I recently watched a home video of me at age 2. I had a Fischer Price toy truck, with mom's high heels in the back.

Then my Dad said to me,
'Adam, put on Mama's shoes'
- and I didn't have to think twice.

I plopped down, took off my Barney slippers, and proceeded to put on those neon pink heels.

My mom tells me they always commented on how well I was able to walk in her heels.

My whole life I always felt a little different then the rest of the boys.

I never knew exactly that I was gay until elementary school. But even before
I knew I was gay, I would have crushes on celebrity boys.

When I look at this picture now, it fills me with joy. I know how fortunate I am, to have parents that didn't scold me for dressing up as a woman. They loved/love me for me. And to this day, they're so proud of the man that I have become.

Adam's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Skeet Ulrich (in "Scream")

I thought he was so dreamy - before I found out he was the murderer ; )


Rev Wes Isley said...

What a great pic! I've got to find some myself. Great site and great idea!

canoetoo said...

This photo and write-up are totally delightful.

Roxy Te said...

I'm dying over your mom's caption! hahaha So wonderfully lucky to have parents so supportive ..gay or straight..not everyone can say the same :)