January 28, 2011


Eric, age 13
Council Bluffs, Iowa (1988)

Being born and raised in a small town in Iowa, it's probably no surprise that I didn't really fit in with the other kids at school. Luckily, my father is a musician, and I've been singing since I learned how to talk. So I spent most of my childhood performing with my father all over the country!

In my pic, I'd just won a national talent competition. I was probably re-enacting the pageant in my living room, when my mom snapped me in my preferred choice of clothing. I guess some things never change.

I'm very fortunate to have very liberal & accepting parents who encouraged me to be who I am, and do what I love!

I'm 35 now, and I've been making a living by doing just that: I've traveled all over the world singing and dancing!

If I had to do it all over again, I would have come out the moment I first had a crush on a boy in the 3rd grade. People were already making fun of me, and I should have just been my authentic self.

But, I've learned that things definitely do get better. I have a great family, a close support group of friends, and I'm grateful for that every day!

I think the little boy in the picture would be pretty proud of how far he's come!

Eric's first, famous-person same sex crush:
John Ritter (in "Three's Company")

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Kathryn Thomas said...

This picture is sensational! And if that's how you looked then, you must be a total babe by now. :)

Spouse Walker said...

I agree. Hot in the making. Your parents sound delicious too.

Anonymous said...

If you were that cute as a boy, you must be very handsome as a man. Thanks for taking the risk to tell your story.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! lol You're the type of Kid that I had crushes on during choir practices, and that is why I always signed up for choir, yes, I could sing (could), but I would go for the boys, lol

WarrenSensei said...

Soooo cute!