January 23, 2011


Noel, age 4
Glendale, CA (1990)

“Don't just stand there, let's get to it...
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it”
In a Latin family consisting mainly of outgoing women, I'd say growing up was pretty fun. My parents let me pick out my outfits when we shopped, and I had plenty of older girl cousins who let me join in their fun.

At an early age, I had a talent for putting outfits together and posing for pictures.

I'd often be confused for a girl since my name was so androgynous and I had long eyelashes. But all I ever cared for was dancing and singing to Madonna.

I joined a choir at age 5, which didn’t help things, and gave me a legitimate reason being the center on attention.

I would be asked at parties and church gatherings to sing and dance, which I gladly jumped at the opportunity to do, and I actually became pretty good.

Which led to filming several commercials, singing for TV shows, and some voice-over work with Disney. I was traveling and booking gigs for just being myself, and it was the best part of my childhood.

During middle school, my family had moved and things became a little harder - but high school was a breeze. I attended a private boarding arts academy, which made things a little easier. Knowing that I had a supportive and open family at home made me pretty strong, when dealing with other kids, and the hurtful things they would say.

I uploaded this picture on Facebook and all my friends said it pretty much sums up my personality. I got funny comments posted like: 'Noel, this pic is too cute!!! And so fitting for you! But didn't you wear that last weekend?'
If only Ralph Lauren still made sailor jumpsuits - LOL!

I look at this picture now, and I can't help but smile and think of all the amazing memories I have growing up. I'm thankful to have such loving parents, who loved me for being myself.

Noel's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Ryan Phillippe (in "Cruel Intentions")
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Anonymous said...

oohm, how beautiful and stylish you were! It's great that your parents knew how to treat you fairly.

Kathryn Thomas said...

Now THAT is a gorgeous picture. What a little munchkin!