January 24, 2011


Enri, age 6
Valencia, Spain (1976)

This photo was taken on my birthday, and the dress I'm wearing was probably the last one I wore during my childhood. When I started to decide what clothes to wear, my mother just left me to wear anything I wanted. They also bought me cars and cowboys & Indians stuff, and I wanted to be Davey Crockett.

"I've always been a party girl"

One day, one of the teachers called my parents saying 'I had a problem' by always playing with boys' stuff. My mom replied that it probably was the teacher who had the problem. Well, we all have had gay adults, but we never even noticed it.

I grew as a tomboy, was good at soccer, and the kids always wanted to play with me, as I beat most of them.

I didn't come out too young, as to me there was no such thing as 'being a lesbian', and being a tomboy has nothing to do with being one thing or another.

But inside of me, I always was a lesbian. The curious thing is that when I came out and my family was puzzled, I asked them:

'Do you remember how I dressed and what I played with as a kid?
I've always been this way.'

And that's when they understood.

Henri's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Her female English teacher at Primary school


Anonymous said...

Great story Enri ! I know you :)

Enri said...

Thank you! I'm glad you know a little bit more about me now.

Enri said...

I forgot to say that my mom (who's not a hairdresser) cut my hair, as you can see in the pic.