January 28, 2011

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 Any copy or version of this blog and its concept (created in any language), or re-copying full stories/text and pictures from this blog - without prior contact and permission of this blog - constitutes copyright infringement.

Press stories or other blogs writing about this site - including using images from this blog - is wholly permitted. Just please include source credit and URL link back to - http://www.BornThisWayBlog.com

(c) "Born This Way" Blog 2011


Anonymous said...

Well said! Three was a Spaish guy translating the stories into Spanish without any permission.

DJ Paul V. said...

There are already FOUR people (that I know of), who are trying to do Spanish language versions of my site. It's very frustrating, especially since none of them contacted me first, to even discuss the idea.

Benjamin Bee said...

I posted your first blog photo in an orkut community as a call to your blog. I beg you not to ask me to take it off, but I also beg you permission for mantaining where it already is.

Your blog is so important that everybody has to know it.

Thank you very much


DJ Paul V. said...

Can you link me to where you posted it? I do not mind if my blog gets linked on other sites, and includes pictures from here - with a proper credit or link back to this site.

What I DO mind, is copycat sites that are basically TOTALLY copying my concept and idea, without my permission. Does that make sense?
- Paul

Benjamin Bee said...

Paul, here's the link:


It's in brazilian portuguese.

DJ Paul V. said...

Benjamin -
You posting on that site is just fine! Thank you for linking back to this site, and giving it credit! That is how it is done, so gracias! Paul