January 24, 2011


Scott, age 3
Oshkosh, Wisconsin (1965)

My mother sent me this photo about a year ago, and I still don't know why she chose this to send me. That's me on the left squatting, next to my brother Brad.

"Born a bottom? Well, duh!"
I knew I was gay in kindergarten.
I remember being out for recess, and playing jump-rope with the little girls. I distinctly remember watching the high school boys play basketball with their shirts off.

I felt like an outsider because of my femininity, and I disappeared into a fantasy world that I watched on TV. I wanted to be Keith Partridge and live in Hollywood.

Today I'm 48 and I live in Hollywood, and I AM kind of like Keith Partridge.

Many dark years were in between today and those times of daydreaming & watching the TV.

But I never lost sight of my dream and have never been happier in my life!

Scott's first, famous-person same sex crush:
David Cassidy (on "The Partridge Family")
He had such a swagger with those hip-hugger jeans and that long hair.
I still love guys with long hair!



Lenny said...

I am the same age and live in LA & if you're single, I'd like to ask you out.

Anonymous said...

i see i have my little buster brown shoes on too! hahaha