January 21, 2011


Paul, age 4
Davenport, Iowa (1979)

I was always surrounded by family, cousins, and neighborhood kids. We had a huge yard and we were always playing and horsing around. My Aunt Peggy (also pictured) was always using me as a live dress-up Barbie. She would parade me around in her clothes, my Grandma's purses, makeup, the whole 9 yards. I could have sent in quite a few pics.

"Look at me MA, pink is not just for girls!
Let the slumber party begin!"
This pic in particular is of interest, because this nightgown is one that I always had to sleep in when I was at Grandma's. I was at her house a lot. I was her favorite and still continue to be nearly 32 years later.

In my family, the first born male has turned out to be gay for generations.
I am just one of many in our family. And that's some living proof, that being gay is hereditary.

As I look back at this picture, it brings a smile to my face. I had a great childhood, and I cannot complain. It takes me back to helping my Grandma bake and decorate wedding cakes, playing in her Avon makeup. And my Aunt Peggy is someone I've had an amazing relationship with until about 1993, when life got in the way - marriages, divorces, relocations, etc.

I knew something was different with me probably in Junior High. I always had "girlfriends" and loved to make out with them whenever I got a chance.
But I always pictured in my mind I was kissing their brothers instead : )

I never did anything sexually until I got to college and had my first boyfriend at the age of 20, and I've never looked back.

Paul's first, famous-person same sex crushes:
Bret Michaels (singer in Posion)
Ricky Schroeder ("Silver Spoons")
I also loved Bo Duke, then Dexter from 'Dynasty' - I loved the power he had!

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Roxy Te said...

Pink is my fave too!

m.n.hanson said...

Yay! Davenport – represent!
As a native Iowan, it makes me sad to read accounts of kids growing up in communities in our state that made them feel isolated and weird. I can empathize, because I had a really crappy childhood in that respect (not because I was gay, but because I was different in other ways). This picture of a happy little boy in pink makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) I wish everyone could feel so loved.