January 29, 2011


Ron, age 7
Gemert, Holland (1967)

I'm on the right in the pic, and the other boy is Johnny. I remember that we were very good friends, but one of the few things we disagreed on was the fact that Johnny always wanted to be 'the mother' when we "played house" back then.
And here, Johnny's playing with my sister's doll.

You see, I also wanted to play the 'mother' too,  but Johnny was very clear and dominant about it. Well, Johnny is now Joyce  - a transgendered woman.
He had his sex-change over 20 years ago, is now 51, and happy being a woman.

I always knew that I was gay, and I used to stare at the male body for as long as I can remember. I was so fascinated by men back then - and still am - that it was never a shock to me that I'm gay. It shocked some people around me though, but that is their problem.

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julia said...

this is a great blog, but when you say "He had his sex-change over 20 years ago", it should be "she had her sex change" as joyce is a female & not a male. :)

Ron van der said...

Sorry, Julia...
It's my mistake although it never bothered me him or her sex change.... that She is in the right body since matters. BTW blog is a Great initiative, funny, intimate