February 12, 2011


Nora, age 2
Chicago, IL (1990)

First off, that ball should have said BUTCH on it. My parents raised me as the tomboy I wanted to be: Football with the boys, hockey instead of figure skating, and the nail in the coffin - softball instead of volleyball.

I guess there came a time in my parents lives where it 'stopped being cute' and was simply 'not what they wanted for their daughter.'

I am never bitter about the way I was treated during my adolescent stages, when I was becoming a young individual. But I must say, it did change me.

In the long run, it’s pictures like these that make me happy to be who I am.

No holding back. Proud

My message for queer peers and those in school today is:
Be who you are not whom everyone else wants you to be.

Your parents will get past their initial shock, bullies will have karma to deal with and you, you will be happy and enjoying life.

Be strong, be you, be proud!

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