February 13, 2011


Jakub, age 11
Wielkopolska, Poland (1992)

I remember as a kid, that I was different in every way. I didn't care about playing football, fighting, cars, or other typical "boy" things etc.

Instead, I was obsessed with Madonna and dancing and singing. I discovered myself as gay around 11. I love this pic, because it reflects my mood at that time.

At school, I was both loved and hated. I was crazy about Madonna's "Erotica" album back then. Madonna was, and is still is, very important to me. She is like my 2nd mother.

I came out in 2003, 11 years after this pic. I was inspired to do it by my boyfriend, so I wrote about it in a letter to my mother. My boyfriend and I are still together, we have a great home, and a lot of love.

My message to all is:
Be yourself, no matter what they say. Express your love to the world every day!

Jakub's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Brad Pitt (in "Thelma & Louise")
Transitions to Adulthood in Europe (European Studies of Population, Volume 10)Stealth

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Donna and Tom - the coolest middle age couple you know said...

Express your love to the world every day....I'm stealing that quote. Love it.

I'm suprised that more people don't come out with a letter. It gives people time to digest the info and respond without shock. I'm glad it all worked out for you.