February 21, 2011


Christie, age 6
Ft. Worth, TX (1968)

I was a tomboy from the start, and I always wanted to be a knight, a superhero, or the Lone Ranger.
I loathed dolls, homemaking, and dresses.

My dreams were different from other girls once I was in school, and they, too, sensed the difference. I failed to adore the boy hearthrob of the moment. And I was in love with Julie Andrews!

I think today we see a much better world for queers. There is much more acceptance, and I think that one day soon, I may get to marry my beloved lady. Today, I DO get to practice martial arts, I try to be the best White Knight that I can, and - I am still in love with Julie Andrews.

My best advice to young gays and lesbians is to trust in yourself and your feelings. Become aware of all the negative socialization that bombards you, and learn to separate that from yourself.

Love yourself, love others, and follow your heart.

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Donna and Tom - the coolest middle age couple you know said...

Really cute. My gay boy cousin always wanted to be Wonder Woman. Thanks for posting such a lovely picture.