February 09, 2011


Wayne, age 10
Walton Beach, FL (1972)

Here's me, in the finest fashion of that era. And my mother made that fine shirt for me! Thanks, mom! Funny to see now though, as I grew up to be someone "punk" who ended up wearing such a drab palette of black, gray, and denim.

"The original Tony Manero?"
I was pegged as different very early on. My mom tells me I went through a "red" phase, and even wanted to dress myself from head to toe in red, red, and more red. I DO NOT remember that phase.

But I DO remember my thing with "purple" though. I'd read somewhere that purple was the color of "royalty" and I attached some significance to the fact I was a Leo, and therefore the King Of The Beasts. And I was painfully and obviously different. But somehow, I decided all these connections made sense, as purple was the color of my birthright.

Below, you'll see my first crush was Bobby Sherman. But why can I remember each and every word to his show's TV theme song?

"The bluest skies you'll ever see, are in SEATTLE!
And the hills are green as green, in SEATTLE!
Like a beautiful child, growing up free and wild
Full of hope, full of fears, full of laughter, full of tears
Full of dreams to last the years, in SEATTLE!"

I mean, I know the song was on the back of my cereal box and "theme songs" are built on memorability, but really - all of that??? I can't even remember any character or plot on the show!

Wayne's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Bobby Sherman
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Randuwa2 said...

OMG -- "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers!", I had one brother in my sites, too. Loved Bobby Sherman. As a kid I was so afraid of looking too excited about the show's being on.

Unknown said...

A Leo, huh??? Me too....I remember going through all the colors....I was born too early for punk (1948) this just hit me.......

Chip B.

BosGuy said...

Oh man, he's definitely working it. Love the hand on the hip.

Carl Thompson said...

Great idea for a blog this!

poly yarn love said...


opening credits...