February 11, 2011


Chris, age 6 months
Goldsboro, NC (1972)

Looking back, now I understand why I had such a emotional attachment to guys at such a early age. I hoped this would go away as I grew older, but it didn't.

I dated girls from 9th grade until the end of High School, hoping the gay rumors would go away - but they never did, either.

I came out to my family at 25, because I was never good at secrets. As an adult, I'm into nerdy TV like PBS, National Geographic, History Channel, & Discovery Channel.

And movies like "Big Eden" and "The Note Book" are favorites of mine. I am now 38, still single, and it does get lonely sometimes.

But never the less, I am HAPPY! :-)

Chris' first, famous-person same sex crush:
Bob Denver ("Gilligan's Island")
I know that sounds weird, but...
______________________________________________Gilligan, Maynard & Me Nicholas Sparks Film Collection (Nights in Rodanthe / The Notebook / Message in a Bottle / A Walk to Remember) Big Eden

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Library Lynn said...

I hope you find someone soon because no one should ever feel lonely, even sometimes. You're an adorable baby!