February 18, 2011


Diana, age 4
Verona, Italy (1980)

In this photo, I'm trying to ride my father's Vespa. Needless to say, I still ride motorcycles today!

I have always been a tomboy, and luckily my parents didn't do anything to change that. They let me dress up as Zorro, a cowboy or even a G.I. during Carnival celebrations. Nope, no little princess dresses for me!

I have always had crushes on female celebrities, and was absolutely enlightened by the Madonna concert I saw on TV in 1987. But I didn't start dating girls until after I was age 18.

My message for gay kids today is:

Being gay is amazing! I thank my genes every day.
Just be authentic, and people will love you in spite of their prejudice.
Zorro, the Gay Blade Dykes On Bikes - 11 x 17 Retro Book Cover Poster Queer Italy (Intersections in Communications and Culture: Global Approaches and Transdisciplinary Perspectives) Madonna - Ciao Italia (Live from Italy)

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Anonymous said...

I'm Italian too!!!!

..but I still don't know who i am!!! i'm 28 and i've just had a crush for a girl for my first time. But now If i look at my past, with this new awareness I look at my past I find that many pieces scattered now I can put together