February 10, 2011


Lex, age 6
Grand Junction, Colorado (1978)

Here I am, as Johnny Scott - the name I'd given to myself from 5 to 9 years old. I had it ironed on a few t-shirts, and even on my Rocky Balboa gold-satin boxing robe that my mom sewed me. We couldn't afford more fabric, so it was just a single-ply "Johnny Scott" embroidered on the right breast.

My parents were the best, fully indulging me in my Johnny Scott persona.

He was basically a beefed-up, snarkier, more lewd version of myself. Johnny Scott flirted with the cocktail waitresses at my mom's restaurant, and dad used me as girl-bait at the college pool:

'Isn't he cute?
So, where you ladies from?'

Interests back then included: Faye Dunaway, small arson projects, Ali McGraw, discarded cigarettes, Annette Jimenez and Tina Hawley (1st grade crushes), Sha-Na-Na, The Fonz, Sly Stallone, and BMX bicycles.

I also liked shaving. While my mom took the blade out of the razor, she bought me my own shaving cream.

My first real crush was Kara Madsen, a classmate. We'd kiss like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John did in "Grease," in that way where John put his finger under her chin, and drew her near.

Yup, Johnny Scott had a good time back in the day, and he was loved by many.

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kayce. said...

"small arson projects" is the most hilariously serious description of childhood fire-starting i've heard. i like lex AND johnny scott LOL.

Van said...

This is so similar to my childhood, it's astonishing.