February 23, 2011


Morgan, age 8
North Hollywood, California (1989)

This is me at the tender age of 8, with my brother on Halloween.

I was OBSESSED with Elvira (I still am), and wanted to be just like her.

My mother is an independent, thoughtful woman who always supported me in anything I wanted to do.

When we went trick or treating that night in 1989, she and I received the most intense looks.

One woman said to her, "I can't believe you let your son dress like that."

My Mom simply responded:
"My son will dress however he wants to dress!"

At the time I had no idea what I was doing wasn't "normal."

I was blessed with a amazing mother who reminded me that being "normal" was boring anyway. I was gay then, like I am now: I was born this way.

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Desiree said...

I only hope to be as an amazing mom as you had! Thank you for sharing!!!

Morango Macho said...

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dys·func·tion said...

What an amazing costume!! I love it! And the joy on your face is so obvious.

Mellissa said...

I grew up with a lesbian mom who taught me to always be myself. I don't think mothers realize how important they are in the REST of a child's life. These days, I'm a mom to five crazy and different kids. Kudos to your mother for protecting you from society and encouraging you to be yourself. Btw, FAB costume! You were the bee's knees!

Brian Alexander said...

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother. I am very glad for you that she was so open minded. Thank you for sharing and that photo is awesome!!!