February 12, 2011


Gary, age 3
Palmdale, CA (1984)

Every summer my family would travel to Iowa to visit my uncle, who was a pastor. My dad was also a pastor back home. The last thing I wanted to do on this particular summer morning was wear a sweater and go to church! And I certainly didn't want to pose for photos.

Luckily, my grandma was able to snap this picture and capture the beginnings of the little gay grandbaby she called 'Sweetface.'

Even from a young age,
it was obvious that the red triangle on my sweater should have been pink.

As a teen, I worried about telling my uber-religious family about being gay, but when I finally came out (after I graduated law school...ugh...I waited so long), a funny thing happened: They all loved me for it, even Pastor Dad and Pastor Uncle.

I worried so much for years and years, only to find out they loved me because I was who I was.

And now, they even love my boyfriend.

Gary's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Hulk Hogan
I had a recurring dream where he'd be giving me piggy-back rides. HAHAHA!
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Anonymous said...

Ha ha! You so funnywunny!

Donna and Tom - the coolest middle age couple you know said...

Wow your family is so not the sterotypical religious families that I have been reading about. I am so happy for you that they were not. Please thank them for me because no child should be disowned or treated badly -especially in the name of God.

zxcv xcv said...

Thanks, Donna. I'll definitely let them know. :) It took a while. They were shocked. But they are good people and they represent what a true Christian should be.