February 10, 2011


Leigh, age 8
Baltimore, MD (1978)

I grew up in a household of two women, my mother and my grandmother, so I was always surrounded by all things fashionable and artsy. It didn't help matters that my mom was an artist and heavily involved in the local art community where we lived in Philadelphia.

I remember being with mom, watching her orchestrate and choreograph fashion shows for the local community during summer vacations. Sometimes I'd get myself on stage too, and do a little runway show of my own.

Mom loved this, of course, and she'd set me up with an outfit to wear, and send me on my way.

Years later, my grandmother told me how I always knew how to charm people - especially the men and other boys - and that was why she always kept a close eye on me.

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Unknown said...

LOL>..I remember that guy in the pic...Hi Leigh...Like the blog