January 15, 2011


Angela, age 3
Shelbyville, Missouri (1988)

My parents would always let me dress how I wanted, and in this picture I am about 90% sure I picked this outfit out myself. My sister is a very fashionable '80s girl, and I'm rocking the flannel shirt and overalls.

How was anyone surprised when I came out?!

One of my earliest memories is helping my Dad on the farm. I wanted to be a farmer just like him! I would wear my overalls and go do chores with him. While my sisters would play Barbie dolls, I would play the guide boy in Oregon Trail.

Looking through pictures of me in elementary school, I always have to remind myself to look for the boy! I laugh as I look through old pictures of me, because I think, 'How did I not know I was gay until I was 22?!?!'  

I always knew I was different from everyone in my small community, but I didn't fully realize I am a lesbian until I was 22!  The most difficult part was picking which gay kid picture to submit!

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coulrophobic agnostic said...

How precious! Nothing cuter than a baby in overalls. And hey, you don't have to be gay to love Oregon Trail...all my straight friends were into it too!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love all those things and I'm straight! But kudos to you for being yourself! Life is beautiful when we find ourselves and live and love the way we desire! :)

Anonymous said...

Its funny to read it was hard for you to pick which gay kid picture to submit.
I have a picture of myself in a batman suit, but i can't find it anywhere :( Cuz i wanted to use that photo to submit, but i have to find another one i guess^^

greets from a girl from holland

BooksAndBullshit said...

Angela M., is that you? We were in band together at South Shelby. I was in your sister's class, and the nerdiest nerd of all nerds. Hope all is well with you!