January 12, 2011


Bradley, age 5
Wisconsin (1977)

"No one was betting on me growing up to be a lumberjack!"
At this age, I know I was listening to a lot of Blondie.

And I wanted to be Debbie Harry.

At the time my best pal was a girl named Rhonda who used to play cars with me.

She later came out too.

It wasn't long after this I had a crush on a boy, probably around 4th grade.

This is one of my favorite pics of me as a kid. And it's actually one of my mom's favorites, too.

Bradley's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Rick Springfield
Late, Late at Night Debbie Harry Autographed / Signed 8x10 Photo Making Tracks: The Rise Of Blondie Gaiety Transfigured: Gay Self-Representation in American Literature (Wisconsin Project on American Writers)


Chef Maddog said...

Love it! You just make me smile.

E.l.M. said...

The Timber Industry's loss!

thewacher said...

i have to say the picture is great. to me it sure is saying somthing about who you are.
sucking on a sucker. mmmm!