January 15, 2011


Dustin, age 8
Wyoming (1982)

This photo was taken somewhere in the wild back country of Wyoming on the annual fall hunting trip with the family. I can't believe I used to go hunting - definitely not something I'd do today.

I used to love putting on that great orange gear. The best part was the shopping trip prior to the hunt, where I could pick out anything as long as it was orange.

We shot all sorts of guns - mostly at Coke cans. I only remember once when a deer was actually killed.

I just can't believe that when this photo was taken, that my family didn't know I was gay.

Look at the pose! The hips, the knees, the hand gesture and yes, the gun.

How could they be so shocked when I came out?!

I always knew I was gay, and I never had a problem with it.
I just knew one day I'd be a grown-up and fabulous. And I was RIGHT!


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS is right! You didn't shoot much deer, but you sure did razzle dazzled them!

Fred said...

Lookin good. I couldn't have imagined while growing up in San Francisco that I would ever own a gun and shoot a deer. But here I am in Idaho and you're in California. What a world.
Uncle Darrell