January 19, 2011


James, age 7
Manchester, GA (1985)

This is a shot my mother took of my brother and I – for some reason – sitting on the roof of our dad’s car. My brother is – again inexplicably – holding our (strictly indoor) cat as I saucily lean in shirtless.

I remember absolutely nothing about this day. But, I love the look on my face. Maybe it's the pursed lips or the (veeeerrry) pre-Justin Bieber mop top, but I look young and happy. And, despite living in the not-so-tolerant rural south, I feel safe.

25 years later and more than 1,000 miles away from that day, I'm now a very happy, healthy, moderately well adjusted - and only slightly saucy - 32 year old.

James' first, famous-person same sex crush:
Phil Collen (guitarist in Def Leppard)
Good lord! :)

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Randuwa said...

Life is good. I loved your story!