January 18, 2011


John, age 6 months
Cleveland, Ohio (1965)

As a kid, I was always into performing. Acting, playing piano, pretending. I just remember always loving the spotlight! All through high school and college, I was very involved in theater, choir, and any other music related activities.

I think I felt different around age 12 but I didn’t know why.

All through school (Catholic school AND college), I just felt strange and didn’t know why.

It wasn’t until age 22 that I realized I was gay, and not until age 25 that I accepted it.

I LOVE this picture of me and often refer to it as my first headshot!

John's first, famous-person same sex crush:
David W. Harper (Jim Bob on "The Waltons")
Jim Bob was during grade school. After that, John Erik Hexum ... sigh

Click here - "Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay" book
Click here - "My First Gay Crush Blog"


Jordasche Kingston said...

And what a beautiful head shot it is :) Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

its great! cute

Kathryn Thomas said...

I can't believe you made it past babyhood; who could resist eating up such a delicious baby?!